Christopher BURKETT 克里斯多弗.博克特 (1951- )

Christopher BURKETT 自1975年以來已經成為歷史上最偉大的彩色攝影家之一,他長期使用8×10大型相機拍照,經過四十多年的努力,創造許多人認為最完美無瑕的彩色照片。與他的妻子Ruth一起周遊美國50個州,尋找令人嘆為觀止的風景,不論攀登山脈,越過河川,他耐心等待完美的瞬間,就為了拍下令人驚歎的風景與大家分享世界的美景。

Christopher BURKETThas been making photographs since 1975. With his wife Ruth by his side, Christopher roamed the United States in order to look for amazing views. He’s scaled mountains, crossed rivers, and waited patiently for the perfect shots in hopes of sharing them with everyone. His story is both inspiring and educational.

1839當代_Christopher Burkett_Aspen Grove Colorado US_30x40 inches_Cibachrome Print_1993

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