Aug 29

Natural Connections: Photographs

Natural Connections: Photographs Author: Paula Chamlee, Estelle Jussim (Contributor) 精裝本: 112 頁 尺寸 (英吋): 9.96″x 0.76″ x 11.88″ 出版商: Lodima Press ISBN: 0960564667; (January 1996) 每本 NTD 2,880元

Aug 29

Man Ray’s Man Rays

Man Ray’s Man Rays Author: David F. Setford, Man Ray (Photographer) 平裝本 尺寸 (英吋):0.34″ x 11.14″ x 11.56″ 出版商: Aperture ISBN: 0-8938-1658-2; (September 1995) 每本 NTD 980元

Aug 29

Magnum Cinema: Photographs from 50 Years of Movie-Making

Magnum Cinema: Photographs from 50 Years of Movie-Making 紀錄了50年間的電影業的幕前與幕後照片 Author: Alain Bergala (Photographer) 平裝本: 360 頁 尺寸 (英吋): 1.19″ x 11.12″ x 9.07″ 出版商: Phaidon Press Inc. ISBN: 0-7148-3772-5; (May 1998) (November 1997) 每本 NTD 1,980元

Aug 29

Twenty-Five Years by Keith Carter

Keith Carter Photographs: Twenty-Five Years (Wittliff Gallery Series) Author: Keith Carter (Photographer), Bill Wittliff (Editor) 精裝本: 168 頁 尺寸 (英吋):1.25″ x 13.44″ x 11.72″ 出版商: Univ of Texas Press ISBN: 0-2927-1195-6; 1st Univer Edition (November 1997) 每本 NTD 1,650元

Aug 29

Karsh: American Legends

Karsh: American Legends Author: Yousuf Karsh (Photographer) 精裝本: 156 頁 尺寸 (英吋): 0.86″ x 12.50″ x 9.99″ 出版商: Bulfinch Press ISBN: 0-8212-1906-5; (October 1992) 每本 NTD 880元

Aug 29

In Focus: Alfred Stieglitz

In Focus: Alfred Steiglitz: Photographs from the J. Paul Getty Museum (In Focus (J. Paul Getty Museum) Author: Alfred Stieglitz 平裝本: 160 頁 尺寸 (英吋):0.45″ x 7.71″ x 6.06″ 出版商: Oxford University Press ISBN: 089-236-3037; (December 1995) 本 NTD 880元

Aug 29

In Focus Boxed Set

In Focus: André Kertész, László Moholy-Nagy, and Man Ray Photographs from the J. Paul Getty Museum 平裝本: 420 頁 尺寸 (英吋):6 x 7- 5/8″ 出版商:J. Paul Getty Museum ISBN:978-0-89236-568-5 每套 NTD 2,180元

Aug 23

Michiko Kon: Still Lifes

Michiko Kon: Still Lifes Author: Michiko Kon (Photographer), Ryu Murakami (Introduction), Toshiharu Ito 精裝本: 128 頁 尺寸 (英吋): 0.71″ x 13.69″ x 10.99″ 出版商: Aperture ISBN: 0893817295; (September 1997) 每本 NTD 2,100元