Aug 23

Harry Callahan by Sarah Greenough

Harry Callahan Author: Sarah Greenough (Contributor), Harry M. Callahan, National Gallery of Art 精裝本: 199 頁 尺寸 (英吋): 0.85″ x 11.43″ x 9.49″ 出版商: Bulfinch Press ISBN: 0821223135; (April 1996) 每本 NTD 2,500元

Aug 23

Diane Arbus: Magazine Work

Diane Arbus: Magazine Work Author: Diane Arbus, Doon Arbus, Marvin Israel 平裝本: 176 頁 尺寸 (英吋): 0.54″ x 11.03″ x 9.16″ 出版商: Bulfinch Press ISBN: 0-89381-233-1; Reissue edition (May 2001) 每本 NTD 1,800元

Aug 23

Guide to Early Photographic Processes

Guide to Early Photographic Processes Author: Brian Coe, Mark Hawarth-Booth (Contributor) 平裝本: 112 頁 尺寸 (英吋): 0.40″ x 12.28″ x 9.90″ 出版商: Victoria & Albert Museum ISBN: 0-905209-400; (September 1997) 每本 NTD 3,450元

Aug 23

Illuminations by Joyce Tenneson

Illuminations Author: Joyce Tenneson, Alfred Tennyson Tennyson, Anne Roiphe (Introduction) 精裝本: 112 頁 尺寸 (英吋): 0.66 “x 11.32″ x 9.38” 出版商: Bulfinch Press ISBN: 0821223844; (January 1998) 每本 NTD 1,950元

Aug 23

Graphis Nudes 2

Graphis Nudes 2 (Graphis Nudes II) Author: Peggy Chapman (Editor), Clare Hayden (Editor), Heinke Jenssen (Editor), B. Martin Pedersen (Editor) 精裝本: 240 頁 尺寸 (英吋): 1.19″ x 13.84″ x 10.89″ 出版商: Graphis Press ISBN: 1-888001-30-5; 2 edition (December 1997) 每本 … Continue reading

Aug 16

Crimes and Splendors

Crimes and Splendors: The Desert Cantos of Richard Misrach Author: Anne Wilkes Tucker, Rebecca Solnit (Contributor) 精裝本: 192 頁 尺寸 (英吋): 11.47 “x 1.39″ x 12.37” 出版商: Bulfinch Press ISBN: 0-8212-2254-6; (June 1996) 每本 NTD 2,800元